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Ontwerp & ontwikkeling website door Blend15

A 20 minute golf fitness video covering balance, strength, flexibility and mobility to help improve your game.

A healthy pain-free golf community through specific fitness coaching





Jonas Saxton | Professional

​“When I first heard that we would be doing Yoga …. I thought that’s not for me, but then after a few sessions I realized the importance of flexibility and not only strength. After every session I felt great and had fun doing it too, largely due to the fact that Liesbeth is not only knowledgeable but also made it fun. My only regret is that I should have started with Yoga 40 years ago!! Thanks to Liesbeth I am now hooked on Yoga and will from now on continue to practice these techniques.”


Out of her passion for movement, healthy lifestyle and sport performance and university degree Kinesiology she has built her business LP Golf Performance. With pride she coaches in The Netherlands and all over Europe. Her goal ? Get the most of the golfers by optimal effective and exceptional guiding through their personal physical golf performance journey.

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