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A new way to improve: POST TRAINING.

Bijgewerkt op: 9 mrt. 2021

This changes everything. It's a new way to improve.

I invite you to bring this perspective into your off season training sessions,

whether that’s weightlifting, yoga, cardio, TPI, Pilates and of course on the course etc

What if you’d shift to focusing the post training effects towards:

⁃ How much concentration there is

⁃ How your mood is like

⁃ How you interact with the world around you

⁃ How your posture is like

⁃ How much slower your breathing is like

⁃ How connected you are to your sport & body

⁃ What moments of insights or inspiration has hit you

⁃ How brave you were for doing X

⁃ How your priorities are like now




All of this will cultivate not only durable longer lasting results and bring true enjoyment, but also develop deeper engagement with the present moment and help you get into a peak performance state.

I encourage you to engage in this new approach of cultivating awareness towards your body-mind-soul, and not just what your workout/running app told you.

Ask yourself these open-ended questions after training:

- what did I do that was really good?

- what do I want to do better?

- how will I accomplish it?

- what am I grateful for in this training?

These are questions that are implemented by the best of the best too.

Make this a simple new post training habit and process. Don't overanalyse.

The end result of shifting the post training effects focus is that you will be inspired, uplifted and energised. You'll be motivated to this again tomorrow!

And instead:

Let go of the contracted tensed focus of the post training effects in:

⁃ how many Kcal burned

⁃ How many Steps

⁃ How much soreness

⁃ How many strokes/lifts/flows

⁃ Best post workout selfie/video on social

⁃ How much sweat lost

⁃ The statistics of your game

⁃ What PR’s were smashed

The golfer who lives a hectic life and is frustrated because he didn't get his GIR.

The young junior golfer who has a dream but feels down because the video isn't scoring on social.

The ambitious golfers who are concerned they haven't gotten in enough steps or burned enough calories.

How the more steps at the end of the day is praised.

It hurts my eyes and ears ...

Because they could be feeling so much better after their training. Because I don't want us to let technology or social media define our success. And while I do want us to keep moving and yes steps are a good thing. This behaviour that has become the new normal isn't a very loving attitude towards yourself.

And remember, this was just an invite.

You decide which team you’re going to be on for the rest of 2020.

So really, if you need an honest mentor that’s there for you to guide you through the determination, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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