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Fitness training for golf: the solutions.

Fitness training for golf does not equal to heavy swings on bosu balls or other unstable surfaces. It does not equal to mimicking the golf swing with weights either.

Wether you’re making swings in the gym is the same thing as on the course. That’s not how training for a strong resilient golf body works.

In fact, it’s one of the most risky and dangerous training approaches/myths there has ever been.

And unfortunately I’m seeing it explode more and more all over social media too. I’m trying to get looks like someone just came out of cirque du soleil with a cross training translation to “functional for golfers”...???

And to others who are non golfers, it might even give a overly dominant signal that golf is super athletic. Which it is, but IMO there’s no need to show it like so.

It’s really time to let go of these types of exercises if you haven’t already.

Transfer of the correct knowledge & education (which @mytpi does really well) is part of the solution. That’s also why, if you want to have a conversation about this, wether you’re trainer or player, you can send me an email to I’ll be happy to talk about this concept in greater detail and answer your concerns or questions.

This is also where the High Performance Program comes in for driven aspiring scratch or pro golfers. I not only provide them the correct exercises suited for their body and goal, but also provide them the transfer of knowledge so they'll get the results during AND after our program.

Transfer of knowledge empowers golfer in the long run, even after a coaching program.


... don’t waste valuable time on exercises that aren’t suited for your specific situation, state, goal and body.

... generate effortless explosiveness and full range of motions without forcing.

... perform the exercises with correct alignment and proper breathing that transfer faster into key performance swing indicators.

... are supported by solid individualized routines and systems for optimal performance that you can trust upon.

... actually have a recovery strategy that works.

... are able to compete at the highest level you desire but aren’t limited anymore by factors such as sleep, nutrition, stress, traveling.

... let go of superficially trying to compensate but instead use the innate power of the body and mind.


... easily improve driving distance and accuracy without tearing down muscles or joints or even worse destroy your swing.

... experience consistent short game success and flow.

Read more about the values & benefits the high performance program can offer you. It’s one of the top individual coaching opportunities in the industry that can be done remotely that has a holistic inclusive approach. There are only 3 spots available, because it’s 1-on-1.

I’m offering a complimentary evaluation call to help you take that first leap.

Talk soon 😊✨👐

Ready to take action but prefer doing things on your own account and with less interaction? I hear you. I’ve got you covered with the Fundamental Routines Online Training Course.

PS. Je mag mij ook altijd in het NEDERLANDS benaderen hoor. Onze community mag dan wel wereldwijd zijn maar twijfel niet of je mij in het Nederlands kunt berichten ;)

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