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Golf Fitness Exercise Highlight.

Trunk & lower body stability, upper body strength & rotary mobility all in this amazingly executed single leg resisted lift.

Below are the 3 phases of this golf fitness exercise.

Movement can always continue to be developed and mastered throughout life. Unfortunately, movement can also be limited or changed due to trauma, stress, repetitive activities of daily living and altered motor control.

So guess what..

that’s exactly what happens during the season since the physiological & psychological demands placed on the player are hugely increased.

That’s why during the in season an element of focus in training should be on restoring normal function and being aware of overuse symptoms.

This is how we systematically reload & recalibrate the system and prevent it from going into a dysfunctional system.

To decrease the difficulty of this exercise there are plenty of options available.

We can increase the difficulty of any exercise (including this one) by either changing the position - supported being the easiest and standing being the toughest or changing the resistance.

Make sure you’re supported by a coach who can help your regress & progress in functional movement patterns efficiently because that’s where the money is at.

My @mytpi states that by progressing or regressing exercises based on resistance, posture or movement complexity, you’re able to more effectively attack physical limitations that might be inhibiting the swing.

Consider individualised movement training & a holistic body mind game approach as a pathway to life long fulfilling golf performances.

You’re welcome to get in touch with me if you have questions about the exercises you’re doing now.

Some of the golfers who start working with me already have a training plan or have done TPI training in the past. Some of them are part of a team that also offers fitness training.

I’ve found that when athletes come to me with an existing training program, every single time we end up discovering lots of ways I can tweak what they already do to make the delivery even better, up to date again, way more efficient and highly streamlined. They finally start to learn how their fitness training connects to their swing & game. They are also able now to use and implement that education to hit longer drives, feel greater control over their swing and play to their fullest potential without destroying the body or pulling muscles.

Send me a dm with any questions or doubts you have, or apply directly for a spot on the High Performance Waitlist. That’s where I’ll be your mentor along your journey to excelling on the course and achieving body-mind-game balance. ✨🏌🏼‍♀️🖤🏋🏼‍♀️

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