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Stepping Away from Tradition? This is for the Modern Golfer.

During a professional tournament, I was chatting with one of the players, and I'd love to share our conversation with you. 


This seasoned Tour professional had been dealing with a lower back injury and had turned to yoga and core strengthening exercises to regain tournament readiness. The goal was to fortify against the strain of the (pro) game and alleviate persistent tightness in the lower back.



This player was wondering: "Do you think yoga/mobility has a lot to offer as part of a golfer's routine? It’s definitely easy to overlook!" 



Yoga and mobility exercises offer tremendous benefits as part of a golfer's routine. They enhance flexibility, improve joint mobility, and increase overall body awareness — critical components for a smooth and consistent golf swing. Moreover, yoga promotes mental focus and relaxation, which are essential on the course, let alone in tournament golf.



And since this international pro player was very dedicated, I also mentioned that even if the results of our fitness and yoga training aren't always immediately spectacular or rapid, the consistent practice offers profound benefits to our body, spine, and mind, whether we realize it or not. 



The key lies in recognizing and celebrating the small victories we achieve daily through our fundamental routines. By focusing on these incremental wins, we cultivate a deeper appreciation for the journey and the improvements we experience along the way.



However, if we solely fixate on significant gains in numbers or rankings, we risk overlooking the multitude of smaller achievements that contribute to our overall progress and performance. We'll end up losing enjoyment, motivation, and results.



Embracing the journey, celebrating the small (even seemingly insignificant) wins, and staying committed to our daily routines ultimately lead us to so much happiness & success in the long run. 



The choice is ours... 

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away: 





Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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