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What to eat during 18 holes?

Bijgewerkt op: 23 mei 2021

What to eat.

What not to eat.

What to drink.

When to eat.

Before, during and after an 18 holes round?

I'm sure this has crossed your mind since the season is up and running....and you're not the only one. These past couple of weeks it’s been a common theme for my clients in the High Performance Program: we are covering everything on how to prepare & fuel to excel on the course. I love it!

And I don’t talk about it enough on my socials but healthy whole food (plant based focused) nutrition is so important! Health is the greatest measure of wealth that you have and what you put in your body does matter. And without health, there's no performance. In addition, now is not the time to avoid eating healthy. In fact, it’s time to upgrade ;)

So, I made a short video. In this video I go over the most common mistakes golfers make on the course so you don't have to make them anymore, I provide simple yet practical direction and highlight the important factors to take into consideration.

By watching this video you'll already be multiple steps ahead from the rest of the competition field. It's a fantastic introduction (I could talk about this for much much longer) yet it doesn't leave out the fundamental principles to on course nutrition that supports the body mind & game of a strong golfer.

Now my nutrition secret to on course success doesn't involve any kind of sports drink or protein bar. It's actually all about water. Plain simple water. No fruit flavored water. No tea. No water with vitamins. Just water. Watch the video to learn why hydration is key for golfers.

Eat well to play well my friends. Prepare & hydrate. Your body will thank you and your scores will show too.

I am here to add value to your health and game for the long run! I am into creating a strong golf community that plays golf forever. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out via dm or email to :)

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