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Ontwerp & ontwikkeling website door Blend15

the world leading
golf yoga retreat

providing an extraordinary setting & program to all who are dedicated to

golf health transformation, physical development and personal growth

Liesbeth's mission

is to support a healthy strong golf community 


" The end goal of everything that I do, is to give golfers a long and healthy life"

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"THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS TO be PRESENT in LIESBETHS world so that YOU are compliant and adhere to HER program." 
TPI Advisory Board


Jonas Saxton | Professional

​“When I first heard that we would be doing Yoga …. I thought that’s not for me, but then after a few sessions I realized the importance of flexibility and not only strength. After every session I felt great and had fun doing it too, largely due to the fact that Liesbeth is not only knowledgeable but also made it fun. My only regret is that I should have started with Yoga 40 years ago!! Thanks to Liesbeth I am now hooked on Yoga and will from now on continue to practice these techniques.”


Liesbeth (1989) was born in Bruges and studied movement sciences at the University of British Colombia, Canada. She grew up on the Costa Blanca, Spain and had LPGA ambitions at a very young age. Until the moment she ran into serious injuries that led to a disappointing setback (both physically and mentally). This is how golf specific training came along her path and after a period of training she finally experienced no more pain and enjoyed playing golf again. Since then she has worked with Jason Glass, the Dutch Golf Federation, the PGA of Holland, Golf.NL, Vodafone, coached hundreds of golfers at The Dutch and all over Europe, is a published writer for The National Golfmagazine and the fitness contributor for Golfers Magazine. She is Titleist Performance Institute Certified & is a certified Yoga Teacher.  Her mission is clear: develop a strong healthy golf community that plays golf forever! 

''Every day is a great day

to work on your goals.

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