1 : 1 personal remote coaching

specifically designed for golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level 


​I went to Liesbeth because I wanted to feel fitter and stronger again. Years of hard work and a lot of stress didn't do me and my golf any good. Besides creating more balance in my life, I got exactly the right exercises to improve my mobility and stability. And in addition, we also discussed nutrition (on the course) and morning and evening routines. The effect of the exercises was astonishingly fast, and after only a few weeks I felt much fitter and stronger. With such results, the discipline to maintain this yourself is also a lot easier.

Margot Bos 
Amateur golfer
exercise program

Liesbeth prepares a personal program for you, based on the abilities and goals of you as a golfer and after a full TPI screening.

Injury prevention

She is an expert in recognising and preventing golf injuries and advises which movement exercises are good for your unique situation and goal. 

No more insecurity

Never insecure on the course again. Liesbeth gives you the best practical tips, applicable and science-based methods to play on the course with confidence.






International elite juniors
Amateurs &
ambitious golfers
Injury-free sport minded golfers
PGA & all tour  professionals

Liesbeth's expertise has made me more aware of how important the body and mindset is during golf. Due to her knowledge in TPI, my posture of a rounded back has improved considerably and I am now much more active during my swing. In addition, I am much more aware of the fact that the flexibility and maintenance of the body is just as important as, for example, your clubs. The way she also practices yoga has opened my eyes. It gives me peace and confidence before an important round of golf. Confidently enter the course without hitting a ball. Liesbeth provides that little bit extra that you cannot immediately find on the driving range. I can recommend Liesbeth's lessons for every type of golfer, from enthusiast to competition golfer.

Edwin Vermaas
Amateur golfer

Enormous power lies in doing specific exercises tailor made for your unique goals and situation.

Liesbeth has spend over a decade studying, researching and building this process,

and is super excited to bring this new possibility to work with you from the comfort of your own home.

You will gain: 

  • More mobility and balance

  • Reduced body stress

  • Greater physical strength

  • Greater body awareness especially during golf

  • Rest & relaxation on and off the golf course

  • Efficient breathing on and off the course

  • Stability and focus 

 What you'll get: 

  • 6 months of remote private coaching 

  • Free account 

  • Full TPI screening 

  • Customised personal online TPI programs

  • Golf fitness exercises, videos and templates


Remote coaching happens through video conference call, and can be booked globally.
This could be of your preference: Skype, Whats app, Zoom, Facetime, Teams.  

There are 10 spots open.  The deadline to enrol is extended to July 1st. 

Send me an email to get started.
The way I work is that we begin with a free initial call to establish your goals

and where you receive all the details along with the investment of the program.


Questions and enquires:

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