​Kinesiology degree, University of British Colombia, Canada

Titleist Performance Institute Certified since 2011: Junior 3, Fitness 3


Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance

SuperSpeed Certified level 3​

Head of Golfers Magazine Fitness instructions 

Nationaal Golfmagazine Columnist

Over a decade of coaching experience

SHE is featured in:

"I’m a golf performance coach.

But I don’t just coach my clients on how to win in tournaments and in life. I mentor them how to use their body and mind on the golf course and how to play from their innate potential. 

I intend to provide golfers a different way of thinking or feeling about how they play the game and how they use their body & mind on the golf course.


I am not your average movement coach or personal trainer. 

Bridging the gap between the body, the mind and the game.
That’s what I do, and it’s where the return of investment for the golfer is tripled, longevity is doubled and their quality of life is enhanced greatly.

Since 2010, Liesbeth Pauwels

helps golfers perform better

through optimising movement.   

liesbeth pauwels

Liesbeth Pauwels was born in Belgium, grew up in Spain and had LPGA ambitions at a young age. Until she experienced disappointing setbacks (physically and mentally).  A big passion for sports performance has always been her drive. So, she went on to get a kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia in Canada.


She already started coaching while still at university and since 2012, she has been a full time coach. So, with a decade of professional experience as a golf movement & performance coach for both amateur and professional golfers, she is one of the leading experts in Europe.


She has worked with Jason Glass, the Dutch National Golf Federation, the PGA of Holland, TPI and has helped thousands of golfers all over Europe. Her global mission is to develop a strong, healthy golf community.


Her work is featured in: The National Golfmagazine, Golfers Magazine, GOLF.NL, MYTPI.COM, Me and My Golf, A World of Golf and many more.


Her qualifications include: Titeleist Performance Institute Fitness Level 3 & Junior Level 3, SuperSpeed Golf Certified Level 3 &  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.


She advises, coaches and trains numerous Dutch national players, top amateur juniors, senior tour professionals, teaching professionals and Olympian & LPGA athletes.

Passionate about modern sport psychology and ancient eastern philosophy, she continuously moves towards re-establishing balance in the body and mind, for herself and for her clients. 


Her mission is clear: develop a strong healthy golf community that plays golf forever! 

Fun fact: you can wake her up for an oatmeal cappuccino with vegan pancakes. She draws her inspiration from the cycles of nature, enjoys photography and dreams of living in a self sufficient cottage by the ocean. 







Moving together is even more fun. And that is why I am committed to various experiences to give every golfer the opportunity for transformation.

  • LP Junior Scholarship 

  •  LP Golf Yoga Retreat Invitation

  • Mentoring


I bring balance back to golfers

I teach golfers to give direction to their own health

I empower golfers that they can achieve what they really want

I allow golfers to regain contact with their natural movement and health