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3 Ways to Elevate Your Game Now (NEW VIDEO)

In the pursuit of being better at golf, three essential pillars stand out:

Focus, Nutrition, and Physical Warm-Up.



Focus is about mental precision. It enables players to focus on each shot with clarity. But what techniques to use and eliminate distractions? 


Nutrition is our fuel for success. But what is a smart choice for fuel on the course so that the body is adequately nourished yet not out of balance with blood sugar levels or stomach issues? The answer is one of my favorite on-course snacks


Physical warm-up is the best sustainable routine for injury prevention.

Dynamic stretches and mobility exercises prepare muscles and joints for the demands of the golf swing. What mistakes to avoid though when warming up on the driving range? 


Achieve mastery this season through the intersection of Focus, Nutrition, and Physical Warm-Up. I've been able to help many hundreds of golfers implement these pillars. It has enabled them to unlock their best game, overcome challenges, and achieve steady results with consistency and confidence. And I know you can too. 



I am talking more about the 3 pillars in this NEW VIDEO (Dutch)


Liesbeth, I hope you'll continue, begin or advance your golf performance journey here. 


You're always just one click, one breath, one training away: 





Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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