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Preparation For The Best Summer Golf!

Which type of golfer are you in summer:

Do you prefer playing that first sunrise tee time?

Or do you lean towards playing in that golden hour?


Here are my top body-mind-game reminders that will help make it your summer of the best golf ever!


Sunrise Golf

  • Start gently: Stress on the ligaments is 80% higher in the morning than at night, making them weaker and less able to protect the spine, which can increase the risk of damaging the joints of the spine.

  • Warm-Up: Get the body moving before making any swing. Refrain from anything complex. Ensure about 5 minutes of full body dynamic exercises (available in Fundamental Routines) going from low to higher intensity. Don’t swing to warm up.

  • Use a Trolley: As tempting, normalized, or “professional” as it may seem, never carry your golf bag. Invest in a quality trolley that you like using.

  • Be intentional: What would make this fresh new round fantastic? How do you want to remember this morning’s round? Rather than having expectations or goals, set an intention.



Sunset Golf

  • Transition: Take a moment to transition from your daily activities to your golf game. This could be done by taking a few conscious breaths.

  • Fuel & hydrate: Continue sipping water with electrolytes throughout the round. Snack on nuts, dried fruit, or beef jerky. Enjoy a wholesome protein-rich meal afterward.

  • Exhale long: At the end of the day, tension can have built up in the muscles, affecting your swing. Slow down your breath. Find if there are any places in the body that you chill out a little more. You don’t have to breathe deeper.

  • Cool Down: Right after you walk off the last green, be disciplined about doing 5 stretches (available in Fundamental Routines) before sitting down in the clubhouse or stepping into the car.


I hope you feel inspired to try out or even embrace one or two of these reminders. They really have the potential to transform your results and your experience this season. 



You're always just one click, one breath, one training away: 





Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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