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There’s so much more to golf fitness than longer drives.

Earlier this season, my article #56 for National Golfmagazine got published. And it’s another good one! I'd like to share a quick summary of it here with you. Since 2017 I’ve been writing for the Dutch speaking golf community in this free magazine about the opportunities, specifics, experiences & benefits of golffitness. The game of golf has changed rapidly and so has the popularity of specific fitness training for golf. When we think of golf fitness, many instantly assume it’s there to enhance distance from the tee or increase clubhead speed and therefore helps to lower scores. While this is certainly true... there’s so much more to golf fitness than effortless long drives. I’ve compiled 4 elements of the golf game that we can also strengthen and improve if you follow my golffitness - golfyoga method. Each exercise relates to a specific element of the game.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE IN DUTCH You can additionally find the exercises in the photo below.

Never underestimate the effect of consistent progressive training efforts. It ain’t easy. But trust me, the body of a golfer needs it! It helps to counterbalance all the one-sided repetitive golfswings on the muscular system and more! Consistency over intensity. Quality over quantity.

I have made your golf mobility training super organized, simple & straightforward...

Train anywhere with my online training plans and easily boost your golf performance!

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

PS. The LP Golf Performance Athlete stable is expanding and flourishing in many ways. Ready to excel? There’s a lot of potential to be unlocked during this specific competitive phase of the season. Let’s start unlocking it together, now. Apply here (open internationally)

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