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An opportunity for golfers to increase resilience.

Bijgewerkt op: 30 mrt. 2020

Dear golf community,

Challenging times come together with interesting opportunities as well. Everyone is reminded how important our health is. It is our physical and mental resilience that will enable us to successfully overcome this current situation.  So, let's all join together and improve our resilience! Join me in my mission in creating an even healthier golf community.

I want to help you by offering: 

free access to weekly live GOLFYOGA - TPI sessions. Every Thursday 8 pm CET March through April via Facebook Live. click here*

In these 60 minute sessions I guide you through powerful movement exercises that will help you: 

1. Avoid stiffness 

2. Strengthen your golf muscles & movements 

3. Calm the mind 

4. Relieve back pain


Donation based: click the photo or here if you want to support me in my mission or share your appreciation.

*The session will appear on the facebook page once we are live.
Like, follow and click on the receive notifications to make sure you don't miss anything. Write a comment once we are live or at the end of the session so we know you have joined and can send you a message afterwards to follow up.

I wish you strength & health!

Liesbeth Pauwels.

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

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