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We are ahead of the game.

This golf community and golf as a whole is ahead of other sports!! Did you know golf primed at using super advanced technologies such as TrackMan, SuperSpeed Golf Training System, K-Motion & a specific physical TPI screening?!

Only later, these technologies started to look into and broaden towards other rotational sports. Years after TPI had developed specialised tracks for golf experts which I am certified in since 2011, a physical screening for tennis & baseball players was developed.

At the 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit there were even elite baseball coaches. I asked them myself why: “there’s no other professional event of this quality where you can learn from the best in the field, so we have to go to golf and attend the WGFS to bring innovation into our sport”.

Even though we're ahead of the game, I believe there’s still a long road ahead. There are still huge steps to be taken and worlds to win, especially on the physical & mental aspect.

But things are shifting. And this is thanks to you!

Yes, the professionals play a role. But so do you. Each and everyone who commits to a stronger body with a resilient mind, those of you who decide to become more durable, flexible and healthy for the game, the ones who follow up, learn and read about it, all of you who are brave enough to want it differently and act upon it even in small steps or ways.....Keep it going because thanks to you we are ahead!

And WOW, thanks to the next generation... the future of golf here!! You can read an inspiring, authentic and in-depth interview with mentees Noa van Beek & Fleur van Beek in the latest Golfers Magazine. Like I said, change is still needed, and these 2 powerful ladies are the ambassadors for the new (and current) generation!!

Now for those that are ahead or want to be ahead and join this community of strong golfers... It's okay if you experience that after the first rounds of golf you already encounter a stiffness in your swing or frustration in your game because I know that are you motivated to do things differently even though you are not sure how. Even if you have little knowledge about golf fitness, or have even tried it without success, I am here for you as your mentor. I received a lot of questions but there will be no more workshops or retreats this year. So the only way to get started with me immediately as your coach, is through my 1:1 remote coaching.

During my coaching I help you to develop a strong body and improve the movement patterns needed for an effortless golfswing that will produce a powerful game, without feeling ever depleted or sore again. I coach what is needed for YOUR unique situation and guide you through the best most applicable and practical way HOW to apply. I get golfers back in balance. And to be able to be fully confident, calm and relaxed during your round, even if you are stretching yourself for a lower handicap. How does this sound?

I have 2 places left for my remote coaching program. You are very welcome to schedule a call with me, send me an email or to discuss whether this program suits you. That is completely without obligation, but because the waiting list is coming close, I advise you not to wait with it.

Have a nice weekend!

Coach Liesbeth

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

SuperSpeed Level 3 certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

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