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Apply this mindful approach on the course when you're feeling stuck.

Do you feel stuck in neutral with your progress?

Are you plateauing with your game? Feeling uptight or tensed during a round? Here's a mindful & practical approach to these challenges.

It's so easy to get accustomed to continued progress, to expect growth to go on forever. And it's normal to get impatient too (I’ve been there).

The moment we experience little or no change or when we are confronted with the same tensed up feeling many times during a round, it's time to ask ourselves some of the following questions:

What are the small joys of summer golf?

How many fun moments can I find in each round?

How can I free myself of expectations?

How can I play from moment to moment and stay curious?

What do I appreciate about my body & game?

You don’t need to have a fixed answer to these questions. Just know that thinking about these during a round will already set things in motion. They also help us to stay focused on the journey. Bringing our attention to the process instead of the results is very meaningful. And before you know it, your results will change in a new positive direction.

I was inspired to share this through talking to one of the amazing LP Performance Alumni. It’s something that gives me a lot of fulfilment as a coach…the journey of a golfer always continues and I appreciate being a part of it. To help boost your growth in feeling confident, relaxed and powerful on the course, I have decided to give you a SUMMER DEAL! You can add the Fundamental Routines (my online golfyoga fitness course) to your cart and start feeling the change next time you’re out on the course. OR refer to a golf buddy and receive their lifetime gratitude ;-) Wishing you an amazing summer!

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