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Classic movements for golf winter training programs.

Classic movement training systems like the Sun Salutation (yoga) and Turkish Get Up already innately require an element of quality.

This allows them to actually support, compliment and enhance specific sport skills like the golf swing & its tax on the body.

Don’t be afraid to move towards classic - fundamental movement systems in your training program this off season, like kettlebell work, yoga or even martial arts.

Hold off contemplating their effectiveness until you’ve come to master them 😉

With patience, attention to detail and expert guidance they’ll give you confidence and higher levels of movement competence.There’s no benefit in training until failure.

But these exercises aren’t magic either. I've got so much more to say in terms of context, nuances, stories, research, and benefits. Ha time for my own podcast series I guess?! Luckily I’ve compiled some of the essentials in my latest published article in Nationaal Golfmagazine which you can access here.

One of the reasons I’m able to bring the Dutch speaking golf community free content like this is due to the support of our partners like Nationaal Golfmagazine

This off season will be powerful!! It’s going to add resilience, flexibility and strength, I just know it will!

Oh and a massive thank you for moving with us since 2011 !! This winter will mark the 11th year of building strong golfers -internationally- and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you who rep Team High Performance, move with my plans, send me personal stories, support the mission in one way or another, tune into podcasts or read my columns!

My online golf training plans:

Full Body Freedom

Fundamental Routines

1:1 Coaching:

International Application

Outfit & mat: @lululemon

Full article available for free via Nationaal Golfmagazine

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