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Crossfit for golfers?

What are your thoughts on Crossfit for golfers?

My thoughts on it are a lot.

What I’ll share here with you is what you should definitely consider:

Two highly beneficial movements for golfers that can easily be found in many Crossfit programming are deadlifts and kettlebell swings.

If you’d rely solely on Crossfit programming for golf performance, I would certainly look to add the following elements to your training:

- Movements in sagittal and transverse planes

- Anti-rotational, unilateral, asymmetrical, stability and balance movements

- Yoga for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

- Golf specific motor control & joint integrity

- CNS balancing activities & recovery

- anything that’s tailored towards ones unique specific needs

These training elements aren’t usually present in a group Crossfit type setting and are super important for golfers.

Reaching out is the least you can do: there are a few really great golffitness x CrossFit coaches (see tags in the photo for my brilliant peers) around too that have the knowledge to help guide golfers with it.

This is my general coaching point of view, nothing individualised which also plays a huge role in what exercises to avoid/do or if Crossfit even makes sense for you and your goals.

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