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Experiencing these 3 major challenges?

What I’m about to share are common challenges that a lot of golfers encounter along the journey of playing better golf for longer.

These are elements within many golf training programs that are completely neglected. Especially in the programs that are self-directed, it’s hardly ever taken care after. And that's a problem...

They can be classified as mistakes in golf fitness training that are doing more harm than good and will ultimately make you quit playing. No one wants that!

But since 2010, I’ve made it my mission to help golfers avoid training mistakes that contribute to a downward spiral of their game performance and movement capacity.

So here goes:

Challenge #1:

Not mobilising and strengthening the wrist and ankle joints.

Challenge #2:

Not doing enough or doing too much.

Challenge #3:

Disregarding recovery at the end of a golf (travel) day.

Luckily, my online training plans all support these challenges. All you have to do is show up. Of course, this is also what I guide athletes with in my 1:1 coaching program: High Performance Program.

So if any of these apply to you, PLEASE make a change NOW. Start prioritising these sooner than later because I want you to play well and have fun doing so!

Oh and for my Dutch speaking community: there’s a whole section on wrist mobility available this month in Golfers Magazine :)

Train anywhere, anytime with my online training plans:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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