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Fitness For The Fairways: Yoga for Golf Podcast Episode

I haven’t shared this before.

It’s a part of my story that I used to shy away from discussing openly.

So, for the first time ever, I’m sharing it here.

It’s a beautiful personal conversation with Joe.

All about yoga for golfers, yes.

But there’s something more…

The roots of where my natural intensity comes from,

the way that I go about coaching my athletes and living my life,

it is what I hope others will understand better from this talk.

When my body didn’t cooperate,

when I kept pushing so hard to the point of another injury,

a part of me felt embarrassed.

I am supposed to be this strong golffitness person,

I had created the belief that experiencing pain as a coach was a bad thing,

because I am supposed to help YOU with injury prevention and performance.

And in the (coaching) world of strength and conditioning,

unyielding will and superman persona

are constantly on display,

especially on social media.

It’s one of the ways I came about despising anything that could be perceived as weakness.

And that idea became my identity for quite a time.

But look,

no one’s body is invincible,

no one is a superhero.

Where I was afraid adversity would make me (look) weak,

it did the complete opposite.

I share my biggest lessons during our talk,

and open up in a way I haven’t done before online.

Don’t worry though,

You’ll also get your dose of practical insights and technical/programming tips shared by us, such as:

Where mobility and corrective exercises fit into your training program.

Key takeaway:

There are enormous opportunities when we have the courage to lean into the sharp edges.

When we remain curious and open,

And with the right support,

Adversity is where we can learn, grow, adapt and are presented with the possibility to expand.

What resonated with you in this talk?

I'm really curious. You're welcome to share it via an Instagram dm or through an email reply.

Train anywhere without any equipment with my online training plans.

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

Ps. I'm so excited to kick off a transformational high performance journey with 3 new amazing golfers in April! The next opportunity to have me and my programming as a part of your success strategy for the new season will be in May. There's an open international application with no strings attached which you can fill out here if you want transformation and performance.

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