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Fresh start. Same Fundamentals.

Fresh start. Same Fundamentals.

A new chapter!

Happy New Year! As we begin this new year with fresh possibilities ahead, I wanted to first say THANK YOU to all of you for being here in this lovely community and for reading (and integrating) my articles.

Strong golfers, I don’t know about you, but after using all of my training tools intensively at home and during production shoots over the past 2 years I was due to some fresh colours, bands, weights and a yoga mat. My lovely golden retriever Fida also never missed a session and so my tools are honestly full of golden hair too haha.

So I just finished a pre-spring cleaning and replaced most of my tools (yoga mats, foam rollers, elastic bands etc) with new ones (or added some more kettlebells and dumbells, yay for getting stronger!) for my at home training sessions. I also upgraded some workout gear... I'm sure you'll get to see glimpses of my new tools and training clothes over on my instagram posts and stories this year. Woooh, the motivation you get from doing this is real.

Out with the old. In with the new! Now, I’m feeling ready to rock my own strength sessions and daily mobility routines the rest of the year while dedicating myself to my craftsmanship: golf performance coaching.

My own training is a non-negotiable for me. Again in 2022. It's my intention to stick to my daily routines which I've been doing now steady over the years. It includes daily disciplined mobility and yoga training and (depending on the season) at least 3 strength and 1 power session.

The action item that is important for me to be able to stay consistent is replacing, upgrading, adding some of my tools to be able to maximise effectiveness and potential. Feeling extra joyful too is a bonus outcome. I’m glad to say you can continue to order from my partners Stamina Pro and Blackroll with a discount code in 2022! —> use LPP20 —> use LP_GOLF_15

The mobility and stability routines I train myself are all up on Fundamental Routines. In this online training plan, I share my strategies in a structured way, knowledge and, of course, all of the exercises that help you achieve a highly efficient swing while simultaneously increasing your range of motion and decreasing chances of injuries.

This plan isn’t just about workouts. It is a way of living. You only need to implement 1 of the 9 routines, and it can get you a huge return on investment...for years on end. That makes all of the other 8 routines already a bonus.

🤩What some of our clients say:

  • Thank you for helping me to get better every day!

  • Starting with the FR has given me a lot more confidence on the course and I can now play pain free. What a win!!!!

  • I used to be afraid of every long hit because it would cause pain in my lowerback, which also resulted in super tight muscles. Thanks to the FR, I now understand how to create an efficient rotation in my backswing. Now my body feels free and I am confident & happy when hitting a ball on the course.

  • I am overloaded with birdies. It's so much fun to work on goals and experiencing the improvement.

  • It’s the perfect combination of strength, stability, relaxation and activation paired with a very mindful approach.


* Includes my 9 on demand instruction videos of the essential routines every sport-minded golfer needs in their life * Prioritises longevity & strengthens the important swing muscles * Has over 2 hours of targeted GolfYoga & Fitness exercises

* This is not a membership. You pay once. You receive lifetime access.


I'd love to hear from you >>> what are some of your goals in 2022? What are you first action items for your sub goals? Just send me a dm

Some links above are affiliate. Every order helps support my mission of a strong healthy golf community.

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