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Golf fitness is mainstream now.

Golf fitness is mainstream now.

But it wasn’t always like that.

I have been committed to bringing golf fitness into the European golf industry and it hasn’t been an easy ride to say the least. But I believed in my vision of the future and was dedicated to my wish of seeing golfers (not only professionals) thrive on the course.

So since 2011, I’ve made it my mission to navigate towards, support and develop a golf culture that embraces golf like a sport! A passionate golf community that integrates movement training so that they could enjoy the game more and be it better at it.

And from the very start, Golfers Magazine believed in the massive value and tons of benefits golf fitness exercises could have for their readers.

Hence we’re about the bring the Dutch speaking golf community (distribution 10x year with a circulation of 20.000), for the 8th consecutive year (my 10 series of) exclusive exercises and instructions -for golf injury prevention & amazing game performance- in 2023.

For the Dutch speaking golf community. To help them stay strong, move well, swing effortlessly and play the game -better- for a long time!

Golfers Magazine has been the leading golf magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 35 years and I love the direction this is going! They really are one of the sole Dutch organisations who actively help boost golf fitness and with it the many incredible benefits.

"Al jaren werken we voor Golfers Magazine samen met de Belgische die van fit zijn niet alleen haar werk heeft gemaakt, maar voor wie het vooral een manier van leven is" Martijn Paehlig

It really means a lot that you are here and perhaps even training with me, thank you !!

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