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Do this stretch after 18holes to reduce stiffness.

Let's talk about cooling down.

What stretches to do post 18 holes?

And how to start integrating them?

Let me begin by saying: Whether or not you already integrate a cooling down after practice, a lesson or a round, the fact remains: it already dictates the next round results.

Watch this video. I talk about it in more depth.

Cooling down key takeaways:

  • It is an amazing tool for recovery and reducing stiffness, but its not a one-stop fix for everything. Let it compliment your other fitness, golf and yoga routines: don’t just replace them.

  • Practice the stretches at home so you’ll feel more confident doing them on the course.

  • Consistency and compliance matter the most for active recreative golfers. Complicated, too much or highly advanced stretches are therefore next level pro strategies.

  • Make it easy. Draw or make a note on your scorecard so you'll be reminded of the cooling down at the green of the (9th or) 18th.

  • Immediately sitting down after a round could be the least sustainable action to do.

  • Limited mobility (through not integrating a golf warming up & cooling down) could be the key leading factor holding you back.

  • Allowing yourself to take a brief moment to stretch and breathe after a round will result in a stronger & more enjoyable body - mind - game.

I am super curious... What did you need to hear? What is your main takeaway regarding this topic? And if you feel ready to progress, make sure to get started with the Fundamental Routines today. Why wait until September 1st if you already can experience a difference today?

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