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Confidence and belief in yourself is the 15th club in the bag.

Lydia Ko shared: “At the end of the day the confidence and belief in yourself is the 15th club in the bag and almost the most important club”

Yet confidence doesn’t appear out of the blue. It rarely happens to be present at the beginning of your journey.

But confidence does grow the moment you decide to commit to act as if it’s already present within you (because it is!), even when you believe you’re not ready yet. Inner belief is the result of your decision to reveal it, and it comes from feeling grounded with who you are.

So, go in whole heartedly and put some positivity behind the game you want to experience!

Walk onto the course like you’re ready to come and get it. Stop repressing or downplaying body language. Stop looking for confirmation that you don't have confidence, you will always find it because you have that made your mission. Stop collecting evidence in your game or results, you will continue to find it because you have made that your goal.

Act confidently, talk confidently, respond to challenging situations or moments with more curiosity than worry or frustration. Be decisive. Bring attention to a high quality preparation, in body mind and game. Decide to think in solutions and possibilities. Make it a part of your golfers’ lifestyle.

Your confidence will also soar when you believe in your preparation and training.

It will strengthen when you remember that someone believes in you, when you think about why you can achieve your goals and continually draw out the lessons to improve the quality and consistency of your performances. Also: find positive parts of all your experiences and performances, think about your successes in training and pervious tournaments.

Choosing to act closer to your potential will strengthen your confidence. It will open doors.

And every single time you decide to do so, that demonstrates courage!

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