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Golf Nation Podcast: Efficient and effective training for any golfer!

Wow, this super super fun conversation with Jeremy and Risky is jam packed with so many great golf fitness tips for you!

I enjoyed sharing everything what a golf movement specialist is all about.

We also touch upon:

- What any golfer, regardless of their abilities, can start doing right now to drastically improve their scores AND their enjoyment

- Why body awareness and the TPI is crucial in my program developments

- PGA Tour professional training & playing methods of : Miguel Angel Jiminez, Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau

- The best nutritional advice for golfers on course, and it's not drinking protein shakes ;)

- The myth about yoga that is holding so many golfers back

- Efficient effective SMART training & movement

- The conversation we should be having about DeChambeau

I hope you tune in to listen. Here's the link or click on the image below.

The Golf Nation Podcast is sharing so many great stories from incredible golf teachers, players and industry leaders! I always enjoy talking to like minded peers who understand and believe in the value of driving this game forward and this time by diving into golf yoga & fitness.

"In this episode of GNP, we sit down with Liesbeth Pauwels, owner of LP Golf Performance based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands! We deep dive into what it means to be a "Golf Movement Specialist", her career in the industry, the PGA Tour, and more!

Thank you so much again, Liesbeth, for making the time to be on our show! We can't wait to head to Spain for one of those awesome yoga retreats!"

One of my favorite Golf Nation Episodes is: Dream Big with Mark Harrison, Executive Director, North Texas PGA

"Interviews with the best & brightest people who love the game⛳️.

Join us as we discuss headlines, life, business and more!"

The show that brings you interviews with the best and the brightest people from around the world, who love the game. Join us for a round as we learn about their life, their business, and so much more. Golf is not only about playing the game, it's about connecting with others, building friendships and getting away from our crazy everyday lives. Hosted by Jeremy Lee, CEO & Founder of and along with his Producer Stephen Risk (Risky).

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