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PERFORMANCE ROUTINE: the golf warm up part 1

Bijgewerkt op: 24 mrt. 2022

We have come a long way already my friends,

And I’m so proud of you for that!


‘How to properly warm up’

& the importance along with the opportunities of it,

still desperately need attention in the global golf community.

And with the beginning of the season,

I will be focusing on the best warm up practices (and provide the resources) for active golfers in the next few posts,

in which I’ll combine a decade of my professional experience and the latest research.

A mini series on everything you want and have to know about the lowest hanging fruit for many golfers: our warm up performance routine.

Click here for a preview of only a few of the 91736629 of specific warm up clinics and workshops with senior, junior, ladies, top golfers and PGA teachers (which I had the pleasure of guiding over the years) to get inspired.

First up:

I’ve probably said this a million times before but it never stops being more true:

a proper warm up starts with your body,

not your wedge.

And it certainly doesn’t start with swinging 2 clubs at the time.

Grab hold of my valuable complimentary BONUS video right now that will make you experience your first swing (and the first holes) in a completely new way.

Even if you do a couple of stretches already, I’m confident this will be the beginning of a true game changer.

The full video, along with over 2 hours of exercises and tons of printable golfyoga-fitness PDF's and an ebook are available via my online course: Fundamental Routines.

I hope my content helps you to be a strong resilient golfer!

I would love to hear about your experience! It means a lot if you’d be able to share a couple of things with me about your warm up story like:

  • Have you always done a warm up or just recently started to incorporate it into your golf game?

  • How and in what ways has it changed your performance on the course?

  • What did it do for your long-term perspective on your golf goals and dreams?

  • What challenged you the most and what inspired or motivated you to do a golf warm up?

  • Who has helped you with your warm up routine?

  • Did you inspire your golf buddies to start doing it too?

You can easily send me your story and answers via a dm over on instagram. Your story additionally helps me to optimise my content. In the meantime, don't forget that if my content resonates or my vision inspires you, be sure to like, share, comment, save or tag. I really appreciate you for being such an active part of this community ! Thank you!

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