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THE 3 BIGGEST ADVANTAGES! The warm up part 2

The best gear and newest tech gadgets can’t overcome an (effective dynamic) warmup.

It’s the bare minimum to implement a WU routine up that prepares the muscles, nervous system and joints for the demands of the one-sided explosive rotational power movement:

the golfswing.

A typical golfswing requires near maximal neuromuscular output at club head velocities often greater than 90mph in a time frame of 0.2 seconds while large ranges of motion are happening in the body.

The biomechanical movement patterns of the swing also require great flexibility and ROM (range of motion) at specific joints and soft tissues too.

The absolute biggest advantages of a dynamic warm up are:

1. Decrease risk of low back injuries and chronic pain AKA enjoying the game for longer!

2. Create greater carry distance of the golf ball and greater swing speed velocity (a) AKA playing the game better!

3. Have significantly higher shot quality (b) AKA feeling better at the game!

And I see you..

I totally understand the reasons for not doing a WU:

1. 85% doesn’t know how to WU for injury risk and performance (a)

2. No one else does it which can for sure make it feel awkward (unlike other sports such as tennis, hockey or soccer)

3. You haven’t been instructed to do one (from the moment you started take lessons)

Oh, did I mention that a (Fundamental) performance routine like the WU is FREE?!

You’ve got this! Click on the image below for my free bonus WU video.

Keep tagging me in your golf warm up routine, I love seeing you do it! 💪🏼⛳️


a. Fradkin et al. 2004

b. Coughlan et al. 2018

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