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Bijgewerkt op: 26 jul. 2022

I know this community believes that warming up before playing has value for injury risk or performance enhancement. You really do. But to close the gap between just wanting to have those benefits, and properly achieving those benefits, I’ve created my warming up guide! For every driven golfer who wants to play better, for longer!

*% in the guide are general and for indication purposes only.

During this warming up mini series, and for everything I bring out into the world really,

My 4 big focus areas are:

1. Mitigate the injury risk among golfers of ALL abilities

2. Increase compliance of the warm up/training for golf through motivational educational content

3. Normalize WU and golf specific physical training to create an even bigger shift in the golf culture

4. Help you play the game for a long time with even more joy!

I just can’t wait to hear how this has all helped you feel confident, swing effortlessly and improve your on-course performance!

Remember: we’re all here to close the gap between wishful thinking and achieving high performance on the course, So now is the time for inspired action:

Make sure to (at least) get started with my free 5-minute driving range warming up video that has the dynamic exercises you can actually do on the range.

Come move with me (and thousands of other dedicated golfers) via my online training plans Fundamental Routines and Full Body Freedom! Want to work with me one on one? Here's an international open application form.

Whatever you decide, I hope to see you there!

Oh, and happy Masters week! 💚

Train anywhere without any equipment with my online training plans.

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

ps. I had so much fun creating this mini series while I covered the Fundamental warming up routine from various different angles. I especially decided not to solely focus on exercises.

I intended to bring more detail, nuance and context around this routine. Just throwing out tons of exercises without the perspective to bring the warming up to life or make it meaningful. That’s why I tried to do everything I could to not only give numbers and science but also include a couple of deep dives on the practical application for this audience of the science. In my role as a coach for my athletes during our one on one sessions, I go deep into the nitty gritty of the exercises and their function/form/alignment.

In my role as a coach here, I wanted to deliberately guide you through my vision of the lowest hanging fruit for most golfers: the warming up. But I equally wanted to provide solutions that create long term impact, add to the quality of your WU, and enhance your golf performance massively.

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