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GOLFYOGA: what it delivers.

Yoga on a golf course.

A yoga pose with a club in your hands.

This doesn’t make it GolfYoga.

It’s misleading. Especially if there’s never fundamental reasoning & explanation of why a movement is done.

If there’s one thing I hope you learned from my posts or articles over the past years let this be it please 😉

and to be even more transparent :

even though I have a passion for high end photography which I merge into my marketing…so yes, I share photos of yoga poses on a course. However, my intention behind those photo’s always is inspirational along with a purposeful message or advice behind it and not about “yoga on a course so now it’s called golfyoga” .

My other message for golfers who get enthusiastic about yoga or enjoy both golf and yoga is this:

Stay critical. There’s an explosion happening of fitness and yoga programs tailored for golfers. That’s a good thing because it increases the awareness and reduces the threshold for taking action yet it also increases commodity.

You’ve got to remain responsible my friends. Go for something that resonates with you and your goals.

And finally, merging the practice of yoga with golf is something that a teacher familiar with @mytpi and the body swing connection can do. It’s where the application of yoga based philosophy and asanas actually become an asset not just in life but also out on the course.

So above is an actual real life photo where I’m reminding my clients on what actions are translating the work done on the yoga mat out into the course during an on course practice setting.

Bridging the gap between yoga and golf.

That’s what I do,

and it’s where the return of investment for the golfer is tripled,

longevity is doubled and

their quality of life is enhanced greatly.

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