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How to achieve amazing benefits from this popular stretch.

You are dialed in, focussed & motivated. There are so many other things you could be doing with your time. And yet, every time you step on the mat, every time you decide to move well and to do it often, you are choosing vitality, health, balance and wellbeing. You can be proud of yourself! The effort, attitude and intention you bring into your (golf)yoga practice impacts the energy and how you’ll feel after training. Just a reminder for when you’re facing the more challenging moments during practice. This applies to strength & conditioning too.

To release tightness in the lower back and create more space to breathe deeply so we can tap into our innate power and rotational velocities, I want to zoom in on a popular Psoas stretch. (see the above image)

With my additional cueing listed below, I’m confident that it will alleviate lower back pain, provide better posture, immediately improve stability and aid in reducing stress and headaches. All in turn, to swing effortlessly, hit it further and play the game forever!

Now, the best athletes are the best because they take care of their bodies extremely well, are supported by expert coaches who care a lot, and because they understand that how we stretch matters as much as which stretches we do.

This specific golfyoga movement is fantastic to do after a more vigorous workout or at the end of a golf round. Obviously, targeting both sides for about 30 seconds each ;)

Here are my key coaching cues that will turn it into a high impact stretch your swing and body will massively benefit from when practiced during your Fundamental Routines or Full Body Freedom training. These are the cues you'll also want to use for any variations or modifications of this active stretch.

  • Drive the front foot firmly into the floor

  • Press the back toes down onto the floor

  • Create a posterior pelvic tilt (tuck the tailbone)

  • Maintain a tall spine and neutral neck

  • Actively reach the shoulder down

  • The muscles are working here, don't hang into the joints

  • Slightly press the wrist and upper thigh into one another

  • The pelvic floor muscles as well as the glute muscles are lightly engaged, there’s a fine balance here!

  • The hip flexors are strengthened in the front leg and stretching in the back leg

  • Bring your attention to your breath, and every time you notice your mind wandering, just gently return your focus onto each inhale and exhale

  • Deep inhalation, full exhalation. We're not forcing the breath, however we do try to maintain an even steady flow of breathing.

My work is here to help guide you in the right direction with our destination being a strong, resilient, confident golfer who excels on and off the course.

I love hearing the stories and updates on the community board, in my dm's over on Instagram or in emails!

Train anywhere without any equipment with my online training plans. You don't need a lot to get strong & mobile for golf. You just need to start and trust the process.

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

Ps. The only way to receive my personal coaching, support and mentoring in 2022 is through the High Performance Program. There's an open international application with no strings attached which you can fill out here if you want to explore working with me 1:1.

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