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The most effective way to improve in golf is to improve the quality of the body playing it.


A skill is the learned ability to perform an action with determined results with good execution often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. - Wikipedia definition

I want to share something about a specific skill that has allowed for the following:

Many times clients of mine have already gained that essential- eye opening-aha moment movement coaching cue, in just our 1st session alone that it has already made the impact needed for it to double their return on the program investment.

I’ll share an example:

The core stability exercise one of my clients was told to do by someone else, wasn’t correctly performed neither was it the right priority for his situation, goal and body. My movement cue changed his course of direction 180° so that he is actually moving towards his goal of international winning circle instead of moving away from it. That core exercise would have otherwise cost him about 100K, and more. The result is that he’s now making money instead of losing it.

Imagine the life altering impact a whole year of sessions & ongoing access to my feedback that monitors your progress could bring about.

After assisting & auditing nearly a dozen of TPI courses, after having done thousands of coaching sessions in group and one on one, after 91232183 of assessments, and being immersed in sports performance professionally as a coach, as a teacher, as a student and having gone through my own personal experience of it all as well, you could say that,

I have developed an important skill:

I'm able observe & define movement efficiency within seconds. I’m able to anticipate and am highly aware of compensations or movement discrepancies.

It’s a skill that comes very naturally to me now.

A skill that I experience as extremely streamlined along with a pure focused mental connection yet also experience as being super intuitive.

My intuition can lead when I am coaching, but before I take action, I make myself a few check boxes—boxes so simple that most would agree in principle. I strive to practice these principles.

A skill that I’m passionate about, that gives me with inner fulfilment and joy yet is something I never cease to want to improve at or learn more about.

My teacher refers to it so beautifully as Craftsmanship.

Despite the misconception about remote/virtual personal coaching being limited, the skill I have developed is why I so strongly believe in the high impact of my remote program.

The High Performance Program is 100% remote. That means it’s open to golfers world wide and the waiting list is now open. YAY!

Golfers who have:

Unrelenting courage and resilience.

Embodying persistence: the quality of continuing resolutely, despite challenges or difficulties.

The open mindedness of working to improve, strengthen, or advance their skills and abilities.

Those are prominent features my athletes exhibit. While my clients all have different goals and action plans, they all share a few of these values.

They inspire me more than they know. They are already champions in body, mind and game before the actual championship is played.

So in our 1:1 coaching commitment it’s about you:

being challenged yet not feeling pushed,

being invited to stretch limits,

and to be helped with what you need the most.

The High Performance Program is not for the faint of heart. It's for a select few who feel the desire to embark on this journey.

It’s for those who are driven - ambitious and want to move towards NCAA D1, D2, lower WAGR ranking, LPGA, PGA, Senior Tour or other national tours.

For more info click here to go to the High Performance Program landing page with our features, an opportunity to book a complimentary call, detailed description, testimonials and the application to the waiting list.

You can send me a dm with any questions or hesitations that are holding you back from taking action.

Ps. the HPP is the only 1:1 opportunity to receive my training and mentoring.

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