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How do you increase club head speed?

How to increase club head speed? Swinging with 2 clubs during warm-up is definitely not the way. Here are my go to check-marks on overspeed training and how it can help. Want to run faster? — Sprint downhill. Want to run slower? — Sprint uphill.

Want to swing slower while slowing down rotational velocities? Want to increase the risk of injuries? — Swing with 2 clubs or swing with weights. — Then do it as a warm up. Want to swing faster while increasing club head speed? — Swing lighter. — And do a dynamic warm up that doesn’t start by swinging a golf club (available on my online training plans). That being said, for results to actually carry over: — Overspeed training, like SuperSpeed Golf, should never be a main training plan but should always be added or integrated into a full body, strength & mobility training program. Apply promo code “LPGolf” at checkout for 10% discount on all of your @superspeedgolf orders in 2023. You've got this! You just need to... show up. Train smart. Consistently. And things will happen.

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Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

ps. The best in the world face fear, pressure and challenges, just like everyone else. The push for sustained greatness takes a toll on the body & mind. There’s never a better or easier time to ask for help than when you don’t need it. Start early. The High Performance Program waitlist has lifted and we’re welcoming new ambitious golf-athletes with DRIVE. Love to hear from those who are ready via our international application form HERE.

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