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How to develop on course mental clarity and emotional resilience.

In golf, mental strength is super important. I’m here to help you move towards a quiet & resilient mind, lazer focus that's build upon a solid foundation of inner confidence.

But let's cut to the point. It begins by acknowledging and understanding the following:

Your performance doesn’t have to define your happiness.

A missed cut/event/bad result doesn’t define you as a person! It doesn’t make you unlovable or a not good enough person.

Your growth & joy can come from the dedication to your path. From the commitment of staying true to yourself and your process. From overcoming challenges.

How you react to adverse situations (which we ALL face in life, and definitely at the highest sports performance levels) is where growth takes place.

Expansion. Grounded. Transformation. Emotional resiliency. Mental Clarity.

.... the zone

A champion mindset then is using those challenges as a mechanism to propel you even more forward towards your dreams. It leads to perseverance. It grows into confidence.

Not by pushing. Not by working tirelessly. But through reflection, analysis, movement, checking in with emotions, integrating mental skills.

I’ll provide you the mental skills necessary. I'll share with you all of the mindfulness tools. My expertise lies in understanding how to cope (and thrive!) with the mental and physical demands of competitive golf. So, don’t worry.

But I’m not your cheerleader. I’m not your therapist. I have however gone through all of the work myself. I’ve been there. There at the bottom of what seemed like a dark hole.

So I will listen to you, from a place of integrity and without judgement. I will ask questions to help you come to a different insight or solution. I do not hold space for drama. You’ll hear from me when there is ego or drama present, because it sabotages your results.

There’s room for that in my 1:1 coaching sessions of the High Performance Program.

Talk soon? You’re welcome to reach out if you want to message me first via instagram.

Because now is the time to take inspired action. Summer holidays usually provide us space & time to reflect. Tournament season can leave us feeling drained, depleted or unsatisfied.

Chances are you want to start doing things differently. Set bigger goals. Own up to your ambitions. Let go of destructive habits. Create new balance.

You can still go after it. 5 more months into this year that can turn into your best year yet!

I’ve opened up extra complimentary evaluation calls if this is something you want to discuss with me.

It’s up to you really what you place your attention on/ give your energy to:

Those 7 months of not having achieved yet what you want or the 5 months that are left to start following your heart, ignite your fire and be your own source of inspiration.

I’m here to mentor and coach you along your journey. in BODY, MIND and GAME.

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