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How to excel as a student - athlete in college?

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Fitness training is a no go.'s what many parents and coaches still think about 'fitness' training for juniors.

I heard it so many times when I still coached group junior sessions.

It’s a statement I have never believed in.

It’s a statement the parents of my juniors don’t buy either.

They already know that:

The future is bright and personal junior coaching (through applying the Long Term Athletic Development approach) has become the new norm for golf athletes. It’s an essential investment.

And here’s why juniors deserve the highest quality early on already:

Training can have the possibility to ruin college careers.

No physical training component at all present?

It weakens chances of excelling as a student athlete for sure.

So let's flip the switch, because I always exemplify by having a positive outlook:

Coaching & training can act as the matrix for juniors to thrive on and off the course, even way beyond college!

It's what top student athletes in both NCAA D1 and NCAA D2 exhibit.

Time and time again.

They are the ones with not only a great golf game but also a resilient strong body and mind.

If that is what you are dreaming of, let's chat because your drive is what I'm looking for!!

But what you should already know:

(my vision about junior training and long term athletic development can easily be found by reading one of the many of articles that have been published)

Strength & conditioning training for juniors does not equal to putting them on adult like programming & exercises. It does not mean general ‘adult like’ fitness training.

Along with that,

my philosophy is to develop athletes first, create competitive golfers second and produce a love for the game of golf along the way.

Athletes first mean:

"The "Athletes First Rule" is what we call physical literacy at TPI. It refers to the philosophy that children should progress from basic fundamental movement skills to fundamental sport skills in that order. This is the natural progression from simple functional movements to more complex activities. Skipping over the basic movement skills and jumping into sport skills too early can be disastrous for the child." (TPI)

I've been coaching juniors for over 10 years and am witnessing exceptional growth in body mind & game by those juniors.

(If you want to hear what teams & programs I was part of, please get in touch :)

I'm not so fond of only writing down a list for credibility purposes but I'm happy to share it with you on our chat)

Team Elzer from the USA described it like:

"We have witnessed a new mental calm in Ethan during challenging situations both on and off the course. We believe that his work with Coach Lizzy is preparing him as a well-rounded athlete with a champion mindset"

You can read their full story below.

You're always welcome to reach out via dm over on instagram or via email ( to talk to me about your junior(s) program and training plan.

There are opening up new spots to join my 1:1 High Performance Program for international juniors who have big ambitions & exhibit deep internal motivation. I'm ready to explain and share more knowledge to parents who want to understand how the athletes first training approach that I apply will deliver huge return of investment. However, chances are you already know it's important but you just haven't found the right match yet for your junior/child. Let's connect.

Planning of going to college in just a few years time?

Let's connect . I'm here for you to get you fully prepared in body, mind and game so you can excel as the strong resilient student athlete that you are.

And perhaps you're wondering:

We already have a training program for my junior, is this right for us?

Yes. Some of my students come into the High Performance Program with a training plan already, or are part of a selection group that also offers fitness training.

I've found that when juniors come to me with an existing training program, we end up discovering lots of ways we can actually tweak what they already do to make the delivery even better and more streamlined. They'll also learn how to infuse physical game practices and mental exercises out on the course. My program helps junior get out of crisis mode and into thriving mode. Because simply put, amazing golf athletes don't come from just doing the bare minimum. That doesn't mean my program will have them making work harder, longer or more. In fact, many times it's the opposite. We go for high quality performances & training.

In addition,

I am used to working inside a high level coaching team and understand that it requires constant communication and integration. We cover a check in with swing coaches to optimise transfer from the gym to the swing

Coach, can you tell me what my investment is?

I believe in encouraging you to feel the value of what your junior is about to receive in the High Performance Program and the long term impact the program delivers through making a decision from your heart rather than your head. Hop on the complimentary call and if we find there's a match, I will give you context to the training frequencies as well as the investment rate.

Read below how Ethan has transformed through our work together:

"As a parent, you always hope to find coaches that genuinely connect with your kids. It’s extremely important to have forces outside of the home that positively impact your children. We found all of this in Coach Lizzy. She is an extraordinary human who has enhanced not only Ethan’s golf game but, more importantly, his mindfulness and general athleticism.

During our nearly one year with Coach Lizzy, she has transformed Ethan into a coordinated, stable, and strong young human. Training is something he looks forward to each day and can finally connect how his work translates to the golf course. Coach Lizzy consistently creates success and confidence by identifying strengths and needs then designing new challenges/routines for specific growth and improved results. She has the unique ability to present all things new in a fun and understandable way.

Over the past year, we have witnessed a new mental calm in Ethan during challenging situations both on and off the course. We believe that his work with Coach Lizzy is preparing him as a well-rounded athlete with a champion mindset, and we are so grateful to have to opportunity to work with her.

Ethan can always count on Coach Lizzy to respond to his progress videos and chatter. (in fact, she encourages chatter between sessions!). She’s also made it a point to connect with Ethan’s swing coach and coordinate efforts among the entire team. She has nothing but the biggest heart and positive spirit."

Team Elzer, USA

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