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How to grow from mistakes? My coaching secret.

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And how to help athletes feel ready, competent, and safe to face adversity?

In my coaching sessions, I offer athletes a ‘crazy’ perspective and exercise on making mistakes.

Rather than simply acknowledging the cliché of learning from them while implying the expectation of never going to repeat the mistake, I encourage athletes to embrace something completely different.

I share with them:

I expect and am looking forward you’ll be making that same mistake another 5, 10, or even 20 times*. Because each repeated attempt will offer you a new opportunity to learn, and refine your understanding. With each ‘mistake,’ you are given the chance to gain insights into the situation and refine or become more aware of your approach/reaction. We’re only getting good (effectively dealing with a setback) through repetition, not through avoidance.

This approach reframes mistakes as actual learning opportunities rather than failures to be avoided, and aids in alleviating pressure for so many athletes who are afraid of making them in the first place. It encourages them to lean into discomfort (to be able to face adversity), to persevere through challenges, and to embrace the journey.

What’s an invaluable piece of the puzzle is offering athletes the chance to FEEL into this shift in mindset (what is happening in the body, the breath, what physical sensation etc) and to let them share their discovery about it. The point isn’t to fix or solve the issue here.


Stepping stones to growth.

Not barriers to success.

The essence of what we're working for at Team High Performance is captured in Jin Young's goals for the 2024 season. If this is something you, your student, or your child resonate with, and you're ready and have what it takes to level up, you're welcome to apply for my 1:1 coaching program. We have opened new spots for international top amateurs or tour professionals.


Immediate correction of mistakes is extremely important in some contexts, such as safety-critical environments or time-sensitive situations.

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