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Recharge and enjoy Italian finest nature.

The training week is from 5th to 10th of October in Cison, a little village in the Veneto Region of Italy. We will be working on fitness/health/mobility and play golf integrating the physical aspects that will help improve your golf game. We will also combine some relaxation, down time and enjoy Italy finest food & nature. What else? ;)

Do you want to Play Golf Forever ?

This Italian Golf Retreat is for you if:

• You play golf regularly • You wish to live and eat healthier • You're eager to develop yourself

But deep down you feel there's a missing piece that could change your golf game forever. What if your body continually supports and surprises you? That you can actually achieve all you wish for.

This 5-day retreat is the next step in creating the golfgame and life you want. Learn unique methods to change your health and attract your wildest golf dreams!

SunWorx GOLF RETREAT: Play golf and enjoy Italian life

From our wonderful luxury villa "Casagrande", located at the foot of the Dolomites in the heart of the Prosecco wine region and close to Venice, SunWorX and LP Performance organize a golf retreat where you can work on your golf movement game for 5 days under professional supervision. In this week you can get the best out of yourself and your golf game. The intensity will gradually build up and decrease. Equipped, full of insights and with new motivation, you will return home. Ready for the rest of the year. It's a week to strengthen your body-mind-swing connection. In this golf vitality journey, Liesbeth Pauwels gives you practical tips, teaches you new golf habits, effective breathing techniques and of course physical exercises that will take you to the next level.

This week is also perfect for taking a break with your partner for a week and enjoying the Italian life. This week an alternative program is offered for non-golfing partners with various walks and (if there is sufficient interest) yoga sessions.

Relaxation through effort

The road to burnout and injury due to overuse is just around the corner for many golfers. Fortunately, there are many possibilities that can help prevent this. Relaxation through effort, that is the golden combination. For Liesbeth, the golf movement expert, it her mission to be able to coach a trip with these ingredients. A golf-vitality vacation where you work actively in the morning to make the body more energetic, stronger and more mobile. So that you can relax, focus and play golf with the right activation in the afternoon. Ultimately, a golf vacation where you return home refreshed.

And it is already known that nature has an effect on our mood and health. In fact, an Australian study even found that "people who regularly made long visits to nature had a lower risk of depression and high blood pressure. In addition, these people had a greater sense of social cohesion. " Being outside in this oasis of peace and nature provides the right relaxation. Moving in nature helps our body and mind to relax.

Luxury Residence

The villa "Casagrande" is located in the heart of the charming Italian village of Cison di Valmarino. The house is situated in the Veneto region between Venice and the eastern dolomites. The villa has been completely renovated in traditional style and feels like a "home away from home" for enthusiasts who want to enjoy the great outdoors with a perfect mix of nature, culture and culinary delight. Cison is located on the famous "Strada del vino bianco" with, among other things, its Prosecco vineyards and excellent restaurants to taste the traditional cuisine of the Veneto region. The villa itself contains a professional kitchen where you can prepare the most delicious meals yourself.

Asolo Golf club

Immersed in the beautiful nature of the Asolo hills, there is a 39-hole course that enables golfers to use all the skills of their game. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Venetian pre-Alps and the majestic Monte Grappa.

The Golf Retreat Package consists of:

• 5 nights in a luxury accommodation including breakfast • Fresh fruit, water and tea always available on accommodation

• Healthy nourishing snacks before the start of the golf round • Joint dinner on Saturday, Sunday and Monday • 3 green fees for 18-hole Asolo golf club • 4 days participation in golf fitness and golf yoga sessions • Workshop on nutrition and healthy lifestyle • Cooking workshop on Wednesday with Italian chef • Excursion to Prosecco vineyards

The LP Golf Performance Coaching Package (priced at €250):

  • Full TPI assessment in the Netherlands (or online)

  • Customised personal online TPI program

  • Access to additional instruction videos

  • Golf Movement Training Manual

  • Golf Fitness Goodie Bag

This retreat is mainly for:

  • Golfers who want to get more out of their golf game

  • Passionate amateur or professional golfers

  • Golfers who want to achieve more with less energy

  • Enthusiastic golfers who are open to develop extra golf physical resilience

  • Golfers who want to feel more vital, powerful and flexible

  • After this retreat you will:

  • Have a stronger Body - Mind - Swing connection

  • Prevent injuries from occurring

  • Feel in better condition on the golf course

  • Experience more concentration & coordination

  • Know the correct physical routines for playing golf forever without pain

  • Experience more fun in your golf game

  • Experience deeper relaxation and effective activation during golf

Physical focus points during the golfyoga coaching:

  • More mobility and balance

  • Reduced body stress

  • Greater physical strength

  • Greater body awareness especially during golf

  • Rest & relaxation on and off the golf course

  • Better breathing on and off the course

About Liesbeth Pauwels:

Liesbeth was born in Bruges and studied movement sciences at the University of British Colombia, Canada. She grew up on the Costa Blanca, Spain and had LPGA ambitions at a very young age. Until the moment she ran into serious injuries that brought her into a deep setback (both physically and mentally). This is how golf specific training came along her path. After a period of training she finally experienced no more pain and enjoyed playing golf again. And that's how her mission arose: a fit healthy and strong golf community through specific physical movement. She became Titleist Performance Institute Certified and coaches professional and amateur golfers on a daily basis. She also educates and hopes to inspire many more golfers to play golf forever!

Liesbeth is looking forward to guiding golfers to a healthier and fitter golf game. During this week she brings together her passions for movement, golf, Italian culture, a healthy lifestyle and relaxation in nature.

Not included:

• Travel costs to villa “Casagrande” in Cison di Valmarino (car and / or plane to Venice)

• Possibly a Rental car • Dinner on Wednesday • Travel and cancellation insurance

• Other private expenses

The investment fee for this week is EUR 1.570 based on 1 person. Sharing a room with your golf parter is a fee of EUR 1.250 per person. The fee for the (non-golfing) partner sharing the same room is EUR 390. There is a maximum of 10 golf participants allowed on this retreat to ensure personal and quality coaching.

Reserve your spot directly here, we can't to go on this journey without you!!

Liesbeth, LP Golf Performance

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