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Joining the High Performance Team is one of the best decisions I have made.

"Joining the High Performance Team of coach Liesbeth is one of the best decisions I have made in 2022.

The way she approaches my golf game and my personal life gains me great improvement, not only now after getting onboard, but certainly also in the future. Liesbeth gives me tools, insights and inspiration which will help me become the great golf coach I want to be. She truly listens to the goals and wishes of her students and tries her best to facilitate this journey.

What has surprised me most throughout my journey so far is that you can use the breath in different ways. And that the breath gives positive effects in life and in my golf game.

I would definitely recommend joining Team High Performance for those who are willing to drastically improve their way of life, which will certainly improve their golf game."

Youri van Koppen

PGA Teaching Professional In Training

Team High Performance Athlete

Serious international applicants are welcome fill out this form for a chance of onboarding the program at the early start of the season.

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