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Top Sports and Academics in the USA

In the realm of American university culture, the fusion of elite sports and academics creates a unique environment. I'm excited to share a glimpse into the journey of junior golfer Lynn van der Sluijs (NL).


Lynn van der Sluijs is a student of the High Performance Program with fierce passion, a balanced approach, and big dreams. She’s a member of the Dutch National Squad. She has verbally committed to playing for the Mississippi State Women's Golf program and will embark on her American college journey in the fall of 2025.


Listen to our interview HERE as she shares her personal experiences playing internationally, what she's looking forward to, and valuable advice for aspiring college students, but honestly, her advice is for all of us really :)


A written interview has also been published in the (Dutch) Nationaal Golfmagazine. Read it HERE.  


Besides the focused training ethic and drive on the course, I’m once again observing how my students are exhibiting tremendous strength of character and bravery this season...just like Nadaud (FR) sticking to her process in 2024


It is a fantastic opportunity just to be out there competing! To have a chance at navigating the game of golf at the highest levels. I am rooting for all the (aspiring) golfers who are working hard to be out on the competition floor.

And I hope that the stories I get to share, like this one, may serve as a reminder to be resilient through all & any challenges that come your way.


You're always just one click, one breath, one training away: 





Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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