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Avoid this common mistake if you are teaching golf to juniors.

Bijgewerkt op: 12 mei 2023

Making others do movement as a form of punishment.

As insignificant as it might be…

Like “when you don’t hit the green do 5 push ups” (something I overheard the other day while I was out on the course)

It makes me cringe.

Why though?!?

This is unfortunately quite common in the world of junior golf… teaching pros making their juniors do push ups or squats whenever they don’t hit the required number for the game/play they’re doing.

And I know in their hearts they do this because they REALLY want to make a difference for their students and help them become strong golfers.

And whoever invented “exercise punishment” was pretty good at it because it definitely caught on.

But honestly, teaching pros desperately need education & awareness around this topic.

Adding movement into junior golf classes is fantastic!!!

Awareness of HOW WHAT WHY movement is integrated as well as the intention behind is crucial and does make a huge difference. This is where my expertise comes in.

Head Academy Coaches or aspiring teaching pros are always welcome to reach out via or via a dm on instagram. I offer consulting, clinics and workshops to academies and there's the option for one on one mentoring and coaching through the High Performance Program .

For now,

Go move & play.

Movement is life. Not punishment.

Make your junior SMILE through movement.

It'll be one of the biggest gifts you'll ever give them.


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