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Top Pre Golf Swing Exercise

The ultimate pre-golf exercise to do:

If you were short on time or had a busy week in the office,

And if you’re looking to achieve:


  • Activation of the big golf swing muscles

  • Rotary power without breaking down

  • More flexibility and range of motion for turning

  • A smoother, fluid motion through better coordination

  • Swing rhythm and tempo over poor mechanics

  • Easy control over the club face and contact

  • Wake up the spine after a week of predominantly forward and backward motion

  • Less strain and torture for the lower back and joints

  • No more frustration on the first few holes


There's all of that and perhaps even more to be unlocked from the Load Explode exercise! Check out the image above and train it with my online program, Fundamental Routines in the Warm-Up class.

Now here’s the catch...or invitation, it's up to you ;)


While integrating this single load explode exercise into your pre-swing warming up can offer some of these benefits, just imagine the (insane!) rewards of a golf specific more comprehensive and year-long approach!!


Explore and start a variety of routines to fully prime your muscles, joints and nervous system for the demands of the modern golf game (aka: longer drives + enhanced longevity).

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away: 





Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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