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Lower Back Love

Lower back pain is one of the most common overuse injuries in amateur golfers. In my online training plans Full Body Freedom and Fundametal Routines we tackle the key components that help to prevent & reduce back injuries from golf. My method teaches you how to mobilize the pelvis and hips, release tight hamstrings and create strong glute muscles.

In the golf swing there may be no more important multi-function muscle than the glute muscles. This entire muscle group is vital for maintaining lower body stability and generating effortless power throughout the swing.

However, it is possible for fit golfers to use their lower body poorly. Being fit doesn’t always equal to mastering the physical and biomechanical demands of the modern golf swing. Those demands would be a combination (but not limited to) and symbiotic performance of: pelvic control, hip mobility, core stability, thoracic and shoulder mobility, glute strength.

Let's continue this fantastic strategy for the lower back and additionally decompress the spine after a round, release unnecessary tension in the (lower back) muscles from a lesson or range session, recovery quicker and create an extra advantage on your next round prep… which all starts with a proper recovery routine!

So, whether you’re looking to lower your score by 5, increase your clubhead speed or simply prevent injuries so you can enjoy the game for a long time, diving deeper into my specific exercises is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for your health, game and life!

All of this is available via Full Body Freedom and Fundamental Routines. All tailor made towards the specific needs of an active golfers' lifestyle!

Honestly, the impact and value you can get out of these plans is simply massive. Most of my clients experience a direct yet lasting return of investment from just 2 of my coaching cues and exercises, making all of the other 5 hours of instruction bonus material.

I’ve created the plans with the intention of getting you moving really well so you can enjoy a better game for longer! The exercises, routines and my instructions in both plans are different yet work beautifully together.

Okay, here are 2 fun facts:

  • Both plans include your GOLDEN coach: The one and only golden retriever, Fida.

  • The productions took place in Amsterdam, supporting local entrepreneurs and highly skilled, passionate experts.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the check-out so I can be there helping you level up your 2022 season. In case you want to check any of your questions or concerns with me, just send me a dm via instagram.

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