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More Power. Goodbye Slices. This is how!

Trying to hit it as hard as you can will target the body to use the most dominant source of power!

And for a lot of golfers, especially as we grow older and sit a lot, they will immediately go after it with their upper body and arms.

There will be an overuse of the upper body on the downswing.

This occurs when there is no lower body strength and good hip mobility. Not on the yoga mat. Not in the gym. Not in daily living activities. Not on the course.

As I have seen so many of my students succeed since working in the field as a Titleist Performance Insitute certified professional, we started with a solid base of strength.

That strength is lower body awareness, glute activation, core stability and hip mobility.

Then, ideally, we also need to learn how to separate the lower body from the upper body.

We learn this on the yoga mat first.

Then, we can apply it on the range.

The more we can get that lower body communicating and working, the better chance there is for an easy increase in swingpower. It also eliminates coming over the top in the swing.

Over the top is one of the leading causes of slicing the ball and adds tons of bad tension to the lower back.

Time to build or come back to that lower body strength and activation? My online plans have all the exercises that will take you there!

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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