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It's never been easier! ANNOUNCEMENT

Bijgewerkt op: 17 okt. 2020

“Golf performance doesn’t end when you leave the gym and it doesn’t begin when you enter it” Jason Glass, TPI advisory board. This powerful quote by my mentor Jason Glass couldn’t be more fitting to my coaching philosophy. Right now, we are at a unique point in history. We are in a challenging period and it’s important to gradually develop positive growth in your overall health. Let's start making plans for the future together. In that future I envision more strong golfers.

That’s why I am beyond excited to announce that my first online training course is now live! It's called ‘FUNDAMENTAL ROUTINES’ it's available on any device from the comfort and safety of your own home and we’ve got an unique launch deal going on already!

This is a course that I've created having YOU in mind. The frequent golfer who wants to stay injury free, have great physical resilience, play with more confidence and only work with the best training tools out there. Which is why, I cannot wait for you to dive into these incredible routines that not only saved myself but hundreds of players I've helped along the way.

The past decade I've dedicated to mastering golf movement coaching, so this course is an accumulation of only the best fundamental golf yoga, golf fitness and TPI exercises. I discovered that these specific routines are the very foundation for a strong golfers lifestyle.

But don't take my word for it:

Golf has experienced an "explosion" in terms of golf specific fitness and training. Liesbeth Pauwels is one of the leading lights in player/golfer performance. Thought provoking individual, check her out! - World of golf

I first met Liesbeth at the 2018 TPI Summit in Orlando, Florida and have followed her career as a Golf Fitness trainer ever since. She is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute, (TPI) and she is also a certified Yoga Teacher. She has great exercises programs with motivation and enthusiasm to match. - Africa

On a more personal note I can tell you that this project has been on my mind for over five years, but I only wanted to put something out of the highest quality, super accessible and easy to integrate into busy lives. I am very confident this course will bring you to new heights in your body & game! So, I can’t wait to see you at practice ;) 

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

or email me directly.

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