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How to begin your round powerful yet relaxing.

Bijgewerkt op: 21 dec. 2020

Thanks to the advances in technology, we have created comfort in our game. We have the best and latest high tech mechanics for our clubs. Gadgets that enhance our game. Clothing that is more athletic then ever before in golf history.

This is all fun and games. But in my opinion (and the latest performance & neuroscience research confirms this), to truly enable full potential, it requires a paradigm shift. A shift away from focusing on everything BUT: the body and mind.

Every avid golfer wants to shoot the lowest possible score for any given round. But if you’re not an elite amateur or a pro, and you let score be the #1 reason you tee it up ... well ... you’ve set yourself up for a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Now, that’s why I’d love to introduce you to these questions:

How much focus can you bring to your body today? Where can you shift your thinking from old negative beliefs to new positive possibilities today? How can you create a bit more appreciation for your movement capabilities? Where can you extend the breath a little longer?

And just by reading these open ended questions at the start of your round, a shift is already happening.

Another element that has been proven by Titleist Performance Institute to increase distance off the first tee is a dynamic physical warming up routine. Because this has been such an essential component in my game and in the game of the hundreds of golfers I have coached, I've compiled the most effective exercises together for you. These are warming up movements that can be done on the driving range or even on the first tee. I'm always so proud to see golfers providing their game and body with this easy short and super effective warming up!

If you are doing this you are one of the few setting a new example!! Print it out, keep it close to your golf bag or even hang it on the range, but make it easy for yourself (and clients if you are a golf teacher) to be reminded of this new improved golf habit.

In case you see other golfers doing this warm up on the range, give them a thumbs up, you guys know what the game is all about. And it's about embracing your body and mind as the 2 most important clubs in your bag.

Of course, I've mentioned it in almost every article already, but a warming like this also prevents overuse injuries from happening and is essential to any golf training & performance program.

Looking to dive into the body mind game connection? Just send me a message. Seriously, I’m here for you.

Liesbeth Pauwels

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

SuperSpeed Level 3 certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

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