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Pressing the reset button.

It's the peak and height of the tournament season.

I'm noticing and facilitating, like every year, the need for training that's focused on restorative, renewing, recalibrating.

Bringing back balance to the spine, the nervous system, muscle tissues & mind.

You could say training that’s intended to relax and cool off the mind while still hitting all the necessary checkmarks for the mobility demands of the golfswing.

It's also a time to rather be precise, simple, essential in your training than over complicated, chaotic, overstimulating the body & mind.

For a lot of us, this is hard... normal life (let alone living on the road competing, living in the city or working in a high-performing environment) is the opposite: it’s dynamic and chances are that there's enough overstimulation already.

Let's press the reset button today.

I invite you to my Restore & Recover AND Relax, Let All The Tension Go golfyoga sessions. We're really adding restoration & regeneration for the energy tanks here, which is hugely beneficial for our game performance!

There’s no better time than to start integrating mobility training & training more mindfully, than in the thick of the summer season.

Thousands of golfers have already experienced the huge benefits in their swing and game. Become a strong & resilient golfer today. You're just one click, one training away:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

​​​​​​​Ps. I'm looking forward to adding new dedicated international athletes to our flourishing and growing High Performance Stable from September! The 1:1 High Performance Program comes with exciting changes, exclusive opportunities & transformation. Apply now HERE before 20.08.2022

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