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Preventing tennis or golfer's elbow.

Bijgewerkt op: 15 mrt. 2022

Keep moving with me!! Keep up the momentum and join my dynamic upper body session designed for an efficient backswing turn. We’ll release neck tension, make the shoulders supple, work on creating the best athletic golf posture and focus on joint integrity (meaning: restoring the correct mobility and stability of the joints).

Additionally, these are the exercises that will function perfectly as preventative strategies for tennis or golfer's elbow. And it makes up for a fantastic pre-round routine!

You’ll also learn the most powerful breathing exercise for golfers that will increase rotation immediately.

This supple shoulders session is included in my new plan that I have created together with Me And My Golf. To get started, click Full Body Freedom.

I’m encouraging you to take action today if you’re longing to see permanent changes in 2022. Meet yourself where you’re at and progress slowly but steadily. All of my clients are super motivated to take their game to the next level. And as their coach, I challenge them to go outside their comfort zone. Sometimes that means creating extra active restorative activities. Other times it means going all in on alignment, strength and power. I want you to realise that neither one is better or worse. Programming is science and an art at the same time and I don't define any of the variables/activities as good or bad. Perhaps you are feeling comfortable with your training? Then contemplate this: 'what is it that I need to continually book progress or feel greater fulfilment or joy?’ Second: put it on your schedule and do it. Remember that the one thing we can’t recycle is time. It’s never too late to take action, but don’t wait for the right moment either. Keep moving.

I spent 6 months pouring my heart, expertise and energy into the new plan Full Body Freedom. I didn't want it to just be a training plan, I wanted it to be a highly valuable experience for you... the number one online golfyoga plan on the planet! Filled with my exercises and coaching cues for growth, I know you will absolutely love it. Open your mind to what the course has to show and teach you.

I’m here for you if you have questions, simply want to share your goals and progress or how much more success you’ve been experiencing since moving with my plans. Just send me a dm over on instagram.

If you decide to purchase any of my online plans, thank you for supporting my worldwide mission to a strong healthy golf community.

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