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Rotate like the pro's.

Poor rotation in the golf swing could manifest in a number of issues. Losing distance and accuracy on the fairway is a big one. Lower back pain is super common too!

Yet not many golfers know that these golf-specific issues aren't going to disappear by just hitting more balls on the range.

You need to try the 'Twist & Turns' from the popular Full Body Freedom training plan where I guide you through all of the hip and upper body motions that are required during a golf swing. The Twist & Turns is such an amazing golf workout! It's short and spicy. We flow and get the heart rate up mindfully. It's the perfect conclusion of the 5 previous GolfYoga sessions from Full Body Freedom.

Rotational-flexibility, stability, heart rate control, breathing awareness and endurance will all be dramatically and positively impacted by consistently following my online golf plans. You'll even notice that as your fitness level increases, your moments of fatigue will lessen dramatically.

So if you want… A more efficient swing Less tension Improved recovery Increased rotation Better mental clarity and calmness My online training plans will get you there.

It's even going to impress your golf teacher in the next lesson ;)

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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