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It will propel them forward.

Bijgewerkt op: 31 aug. 2020

Being a coach or mentor

is like being a creative artist.

you have a clear vision

of where you want to take your students

of what they are really capable of.

you've paved a similar path

you understand how their challenges feel like

maybe even taste like.

while being in awe of their perseverance

and commitment and openness

in their pursuit to excel.

you admire in patience

because you know and trust

that with consistent practice

and diligent commitment to the training process

in time and place

their dreams will come to life.

it already manifests in

small moments of the training process.

if there is enough awareness

they will already feel it too.

it will propel them forward

make their connection bigger

help them understand more about themselves

and the way they interact with life.

and the moment this all happens

there is an exchange of

pure powerful effortless energy

that doesn't belong to anyone or anything.

A Chi,



or higher power

pure connection

being in the moment,

whatever you want to name it.

just like what happens between an artist and their creation.

it's all an exchange.

and the teacher becomes

the student.

the student becomes

the teacher.

and that

to me

is one of the greatest fulfillments in life.


Hope my little poem inspires you to never give up on your dreams!

Coach Liesbeth

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