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This strategy prevents injuries & boosts performance on the course!

The negative compounded impact of carrying a golf bag is greatly underestimated.

To stop trying to strap a 16kg bag for 9 or 18 holes on your back (and continuously taking it on and off) is one of the most intelligent things a golfer can do to ensure durability, longevity, and optimal game performance.

We know why golfinjuries occur,

yet recreational golfers will tease a player if they use a trolley.

We know how overuse golfinjuries occur,

yet some teachers still disapprove of a player if they have a long and thorough dynamic movement warmup.

You don't see professionals joking around.

This only happens in a recreational golf environment, where the warm up and using a trolley are really the dynamic duo of preventative & performance strategies.

The game of golf is pretty challenging.

It's a beautiful game too.

Let's not make things even more complicated.

That's why this simple and easily applicable strategy is so beneficial and efficient!

Why golfers should never carry a golf bag:

  1. It increases risks of overuse injuries & tightness, especially around the lower back & shoulder area, therefore reducing one's joy in the game of golf.

  2. it greatly decreases explosiveness & thoracic rotation in the swing, therefore inhibiting rotational capacity.

  3. It massively depletes energy and concentration.

To me, you're all nothing but a winner when you take care of this dynamic duo strategy!!

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Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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