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Podcast XIX: Episode 17 Liesbeth Pauwels

It is podcast time!!

I'm delighted and so stoked to join Charlie Zamora on the XIX podcast! Charlie is the founder of a brand new golf community that ties fitness, health and personal development together. He explores pursuing growth in life, fitness and golf with his special guests. And this couldn't tie in more perfectly with my mission and vision.

In the podcast I share with you how I actually fell in love with the game of golf, totally unexpected and how I had a major setback right after....which lead me to an epiphany I still believe to the day of today. O and of course we can’t stop chatting about how golfers could benefit from specific training, like yoga and increased body awareness.

Tune in from wherever you are and listen HERE.

I loved connecting with Charlie and all you of you overseas and in Europe! Being a very avid podcast listener myself, I’m super grateful for this opportunity and look forward to be able to share more podcasts with you. Also stay tuned because Charlie and I are planning something BIG over here in Europe!

"On episode #17 of the XIX Podcast, Host @charliezamora_ interviews Liesbeth pauwels, 29 and born in Brugges, started playing golf when her family decided to move to Spain at the age of 12 . It wasn’t until later once she found herself struggling to gain distance from the tee (she’s petite) and experienced shoulder issues that her dream of becoming an LPGA golfer evaporated. She was determined to learn more about the human body, was passionate about sport performance, and to try training in the gym to help get rid of the pain and improve driving distance, which it did! It’s in that exact moment she decided to fully dedicate her time to help other golfers. So after studying kinesiology at the university of British Colombia and being Jason Glass apprentice, she based herself in Holland and is operating on full force by guiding, inspiring and activating golfers to better health and body swing connection through golf specific movement coaching."

Here are some of my other favorite podcasts I tune in weekly:

Jason Glass: Performance Lab

Rachel Brathen: From the heart, conversations with Yoga Girl

Chase Jarvis: The Chase Jarvis LIVE show

Now, I would love to hear from you, do you listen to podcasts regularly ? If so, which ones are you favorite? Let me know in the comments below and you would do me a huge favor to subscribe to both podcasts XIX and Jason Glass because they are truly the best and I believe every golfers need to hear their messages :)

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