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Yoga is an excellent tool to improve key golf performance indicators.

It’s preprogrammed and honed over years of conditioning for most of us to value our training progress on external outcome results.

To define a successful golf fitness training program on

the important benchmarks and key golf performance indicators like:

- How much range of motion has there been gained?

- What are the specific before and afters on internal- external hip mobility?

- How much increase in clubheadspeed has there been added to your driver?

- What are the new deadlift, squat and push up records?

- The Whoop % numbers on recovery, HRV and sleep.

And while these numbers are all super important and incredibly valuable,

For both the amateur and professional athlete golfer,

I sometimes find myself thinking and wondering ….

Do we even know what’s going on inside?

Like really what's happening in the body?

Are we even aware of how training affects us internally?

Do we even have the ability to engage in that level of awareness,

To look within and really observe the physical sensations in great detail,

Especially when it comes to our breath?

What it does to our mood and mental wellbeing?

Do we even practice movement awareness anymore?

Can we even be content with our training (journey/progress) without the confirmations of the analytical mind aka the stats and number game?

This isn’t a motivational training tip.

It’s an exploration I would encourage each and everyone of you to start doing.

And to practice this very necessary ground work,

Yoga is an excellent tool to do that.

It’s one of the reasons why I love it so much:

connecting to the body and breath.

And yes, my golfyoga method applied correctly does also improve key golf performance indicators.

In golf we can also practice this.

These elements I implement in my 1:1 coaching and during my Golf Yoga Retreats.

Another way I implement this element into my coaching program when it comes to strength and conditioning for my athletes is through 23 minutes of movement flow.

We decide a movement, depending on the athlete which exercise, that they can easily manage to do for 23 minutes.

The set up is as followed:

No screens, no music, no talking, no time.

Nose breathing only.

Maintaining a closer link to the body (and having no external stimuli) while moving allows for natural movement to occur more effortlessly and flow to take place.

It’s training with awareness.

It means we cease zoning out,

and we can start to 'get in the zone'

It means we practice what we would like to experience out there...

during those big tournaments,

from the first tee shot to the last put on the final day.

It improves focus, brings fulfilment and increases a sense of connection.

It’s the other end of the spectrum to high performance achievements and excellence that is of equal importance.

It's unquantifiable.

Yet the paradox is that it's one of the routes in which stagnant fitness gains, a constant state of overtraining, feeling mentally drained and the occasional soft-tissue injury can be prevented and diverted.

And that in turn, will be reflected in quantifiable numbers and stats.

Coaching experienced golfers on their body-mind-game while maximising lasting high performances is something that brings me so much joy!

If my vision inspires you or want to experience having it implemented, there’s an open international application form for my High Performance Program. This open international application form is the first step if you want to explore working with me 1:1

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